Behind the Scenes: Meet the Authors

A little bit about the authors:

Em – The Artist/Sister. Em is an art-enthusiast who specializes in pretty colors and adorable drawings. It seems only fitting that she be cartooning. She also does some painting, sketching and other art verbs. On the “and crafts” side of things, she also likes to knit, sew, crochet and I’m going to say weave(?). She often has lots of projects going on at a time, and sometimes sells her pretty things for a pretty penny. (We’re working on getting her website back up-and-running. Stay tuned!)

Jon – The Tall One/Brother. Jon likes to say funny things. Most of the time, it’s only to himself, which causes him to be in a state of almost constant giggle. He finds onomatopoeia and puns very funny, but promises to limit the number of those in the comics. Jon is also partially red-green color-blind (seriously), so we don’t let him near the crayons. As a result, don’t be surprised to see him mostly portrayed in blues, grays, tans and blacks. (He’s a winter!) He also may or may not be in the process of re-writing the screenplay for “Spider-Man 3”. (No Sandman; Spidey/Black Cat/Goblin II love triangle; Venom kills Aunt May!) We hope he’s not serious.


About AL2C2H

A weekly web comic series about sibling rivalry, some 20 years in the making.

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