Behind the Scenes: Mr. Stabby vs. Mr. Gobble

The origin of the now-beloved Mr. Stabby is quite epic. Actually, it’s not. It’s from an episode of “Burn Notice”, where Sam (The Bruce Campbell) is interrogating a suspect with a needle (Mr. Stabby) and a knife (Mr. Slicey). Or at least that’s what we could remember. (IMDb Quotes needs to update more frequently.) So we were going to name the knife “Mr. Slicey”, but “Mr. Stabby” sounded better. So, there you have it.

Naming cutlery, however, dates back as far as Thanksgiving 2009. When preparing dinner, Jon took photos of what was going on, because that’s what you do when you don’t know how to cook. From these photos, the story of dinner was told from the turkey’s (Mr. Gobble’s) perspective. (Yes, named after the “Animaniacs” T-Giving episode.)  We also named some of the other food and utensils, like the vegetables (Cap’n Broccoli), the electric mixer (Sir Mixer-A-Lot) and the knife (Blade). ‘Cause nicknames are fun!

If you would like to check out the photo album, we have it posted on Jon’s page on the Facebook. The Continuing Story of Mr. Gobble! Dig in!


About AL2C2H

A weekly web comic series about sibling rivalry, some 20 years in the making.

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