Press Release: New Fizzy Nose sodas!

Hey, everybody! We just got off the phone with Fizzy Nose, and they are going to be releasing 2 new varieties: Fizzy Nose Lite and Fizzy Nose Cherry Berry Ultra Free! And we are working on something very special to help commemorate the news! (Stay tuned…)

Fizzy Nose Lite has all the great taste as original Fizzy Nose, but with 50% fewer calories.  And with more space in the can now, they’ve managed to include even more high fructose corn syrup! That’s extra value at no additional cost! What will they think of next?

Fizzy Nose Cherry Berry Ultra Free is what they thought of next, that’s what! FNCBUF takes the great taste of original Fizzy Nose and super-injects the bold taste of fruit! There’s so much fruit-flavoring in here, it will seem like you’re getting a full recommended daily allowance of fruit*! And here’s the best part: almost ZERO CALORIES! Is it too good to be true? No! It’s just FNCBUF!

The Fizzy Nose brand soda page will be updated on the Facebook shortly with product designs. Check it out!

Fizzy Nose brand soda. If you don’t have a Fizzy Nose, you don’t have a soda!

* Does not actually contain any fruit. Just the flavoring. Kinda like what they do with gum.


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